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User of little pieces -- of time, fabric, food, land, even trash. I am fascinated with the mighty power of the Small and Bypassed to transform into usefulness and beauty. As a mother of seven, living for decades on one income, I have practice using up Every Little Bit of Every Little Thing. My treasures have grown now and I have the joy of teaching preschool. I find this gift for making practical use of the Small and Bypassed, PLUS the gift of time to create, has channeled into simple, artistic expressions of small things.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Psalm 139 -- Heart Dump -- or how not to tone your butt

What are those shoes that tone your butt, supposedly, by throwing you slightly off balance so that you are eternally having to focus on each step you take or you'll turn you ankle and fall on your face? I have some of those. They were half-price. If I walk through the yard with those on, and step on rocks and acorns, which are unavoidable, I can't think of a darn thing except where and how to place my next step!

This week, my mind and heart are wearing those shoes! There... are reasons, but nothing dramatic . . . just life's quirky way of encouraging overscheduling, and frankly, I wasted a lot of time off and on and got ticked at myself, and forgot something that involved someone else, and put myself first and felt self-righteous about it -- ugh . . . you know . . . that sort of thing. 
So tonight I just wanted to heart dump on someone, and couldn't think of anyone I wanted to do that to, and there aren't a lot of people I trust to take heart dumping seriously, and yes, I love my dh and children and friends, but this was not for mere mortals to handle, so I played a word game while listening to Poirot which Eli and Bill were watching, and then it was time for us to read from the Word before we part ways for the night and guess what we read . . . seriously . . . guess! I only have one minute left in my brain! (Kid History, #6? for those in the know.)

Psalms 139! Check this out if you need to do a heart dump or a mind dump or an emotion dump. The original eternally focused step . . .

Finding value in the Bypassed and the Small . . .